When couples are happy, but caste system will ruin their love story

Are you getting bored and want to watch something unique on your couch with popcorn made by you? You should then watch movies online HD, especially this fantastic movie that can be watched on the OTT platform aha and named Buchinaidu Kandriga. It is a subtle movie and a good love story.

Buchinaidu kandriga is a Telegu movie that can be watched on the OTT platform aha. This movie was released on 21st August 2020. The Director of the film is Krishna Poluru.

The lead characters are Munna, Drikshka Chander, Ravi Varma, Subbarao, Prabhavathi and Pavitra Jayaram.

Mihiraamsh has given melodious music to this movie. Ram K Mahesan did the Director of photography.

The title of the movie is named after a small village in the Chittoor district. This movie is a love story between two people who live in this village named Buchinaidu Kandriga. Balu, the boy’s name, was played by actor Munna, and the girl’s name is Swapna, which Drikshika Chander plays.

Balu is madly in love with Swapna from a very young age, and finally, a little slower and late, Swapna also falls in love with Balu. After this, both decide to run away from their home without letting anyone know about it. But when Swapna’s dads get to know it, he gets super angry because things went opposite his will. He is entirely against their love story.

The heroine Drikshika expresses herself well in the movie, and her emotions were also good. Her overall acting can be told as excellent, and Ravi Verma, who played Swapna’s dad’s role, was also good. He brings out the aggressive nature in a dad role perfectly.

Munna’s role is excellent, especially since the climax of the movie is just woah only. This movie shows us that nothing in life comes easy, and the last ten minutes of the film will make you full concentrated because it is that good. The movie slowly takes us to cover the story of both the boy and the girl beautifully. They also show their different age groups love story. Their chemistry in the movie was so cute and natural.

It was another routine movie which was shown, shot and broadcasted very nicely in a neat manner. Balu’s love and respect as a boy has for Swapna is something every boy should have for the girl he loves. An entire love story from just knowing each other to felling in love will make you believe that true love exists even now.

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